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We're the Christian Family Life Research Center, dedicated to enriching families through research and guidance. Inspired by the exemplary life of Jonathan Edwards and other Calvinistic Puritan families, we offer tailored services to help families thrive in faith and love. From strengthening family bonds to nurturing spiritual growth, we're here to support families every step of the way.

Our Resaerch Areas

  1. Marriage Enrichment: Research into factors contributing to healthy and lasting marriages, including communication, conflict resolution, and intimacy.

  2. Parenting Studies: Investigating effective Christian parenting practices, discipline strategies, and approaches to nurturing faith in children.

  3. Family Dynamics: Understanding the dynamics of family relationships, roles, and responsibilities within the Christian context.

  4. Spiritual Development: Exploring ways to foster spiritual growth and faith formation within the family unit, including family devotions, prayer practices, and Bible study.

  5. Counseling and Support Services: Providing research-backed counseling and support services for families facing challenges such as marital discord, parenting issues, or grief.

  6. Social Issues: Addressing contemporary social issues affecting Christian families, such as technology use, work-life balance, and mental health concerns.

  7. Intergenerational Ministry: Researching ways to promote meaningful intergenerational connections and transmission of faith values between family members.

  8. Cultural and Societal Trends: Studying the impact of cultural and societal trends on Christian family life and developing relevant resources and interventions.

  9. Community Engagement: Engaging with churches and communities to promote family well-being through education, outreach programs, and partnerships.

  10. Evaluation and Assessment: Conducting ongoing evaluation and assessment of programs and interventions to ensure effectiveness and relevance to the needs of Christian families.

Our vision

We envision Christian families thriving in faith, love, and unity. Through personalized research-based guidance, we support families on their unique journey, ensuring enrichment and empowerment every step of the way.

"And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth." (Genesis 1:28)

"하나님이 그들에게 복을 주시며 하나님이 그들에게 이르시되 생육하고 번성하여 땅에 충만하라, 땅을 정복하라, 바다의 물고기와 하늘의 새와 땅에 움직이는 모든 생물을 다스리라 하시니라." 창세기 1:28

2 women and man standing on green grass field during daytime
2 women and man standing on green grass field during daytime

"The Christian Family Life Center (CFLC) at Edwards University equips individuals with skills to support families spiritually and relationally.

Follow these steps to engage with CFLC:

1. Explore Programs: Discover courses for pastors, missionaries, and professionals in children, youth, family, and marriage studies.

2. Select Courses: Choose seminars, workshops, or short-term courses aligned with your interests, designed to offer continuing education and potential pathways to BA and MA degrees.

3. Attend Seminars: Dive into topics like counseling, ethics, and family issues, fostering collaboration with local partners.

4. Participate Actively: Engage in discussions, network, and seek guidance from faculty.

5. Apply Learning: Integrate CFLC insights into your practice for healthier families.

Join CFLC to empower families in communities and beyond."

Foundations for Family Studies Online:

Foundations for Family Studies Online:

Are you eager to apply the teachings of Jonathan Edwards and delve into the depths of Biblical wisdom to impact families, couples, and children? Our foundational center, offered by Edwards University for Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate degree levels, is meticulously crafted to reflect Edwards's profound insights and the timeless truths of the Bible.

This program is tailored for both single individuals and married couples devoted to transforming families and seeking essential tools to initiate change.

The course typically commences in January, May, or September, concluding the lecture/online phase.

Topics [Courses] Covered:

  1. The Biblical Foundation of Family: Uncover the divine blueprint for family life in Scripture, guided by Jonathan Edwards's teachings.

  2. Family Dynamics in Biblical Perspective: Explore how family dynamics shape individual behavior and relationships, drawing parallels with Edwards's insights on familial influence.

  3. Marriage According to God's Design: Learn from Scripture and Edwards's writings on marital fidelity, love, and commitment.

  4. Parenting with Grace: Discover Biblical principles for nurturing and disciplining children, informed by Edwards's emphasis on godly parenting.

  5. Strengthening Family Prayer: Cultivate a culture of prayer within the family unit, inspired by Edwards's emphasis on spiritual discipline.

  6. Resolving Conflict Biblically: Address conflicts within the family through the lens of Scripture and Edwards's pastoral wisdom.

  7. Navigating Life Transitions: Learn to navigate transitions like relocation and empty nesting while maintaining a strong family bond, drawing from Edwards's teachings on faithfulness.

  8. Financial Stewardship in Family Life: Explore Biblical principles for managing finances within the family unit, guided by Edwards's teachings on stewardship and generosity.

Join us on this transformative journey as we integrate Jonathan Edwards's teachings with timeless Biblical truths, equipping you to make a lasting impact on families within your sphere of influence.

"Advanced Family Studies Online:

Are you actively involved in ministering to families, seeking to deepen your understanding of biblical principles, theological insights, and Edwardsean wisdom to strengthen and restore family units? If you're eager to equip yourself with advanced skills to serve families effectively within your ministry, our program is designed for you. Whether you've completed a Foundations in Family Studies course or have gained experience through similar family-focused seminars or programs, you may qualify to join our advanced program. Please inquire for eligibility.

TOPICS [Courses] :

  1. Theology of Family & Puritan Ethic: This combined topic explores the biblical foundation for family alongside core Puritan values. Examine key passages related to marriage, parenting, and family roles, then delve into how principles like hard work, living a holy life, and frugality can strengthen families today. Analyze how Edwardsean concepts of predestination and God's sovereignty influence family dynamics and decision-making.

  2. Healthy Communication & Conflict Resolution with Edwardsean Wisdom: Equip students with practical skills for fostering healthy communication patterns and resolving conflict constructively within families. Incorporate Edwardsean insights on personal responsibility, humility, and seeking God's guidance for navigating difficult conversations.

  3. Parenting with Biblical Wisdom & The Puritan Ethic: This combined topic delves into Edwardsean insights on child development, discipline, and nurturing a Christ-centered upbringing. Explore how Puritan values of education, hard work, and living a moral life can be instilled in children within a modern context.

  4. Strengthening Marriage Foundations & Edwardsean Revival: Explore biblical principles for building and maintaining a strong marital bond, incorporating Edwardsean wisdom on love, forgiveness, and mutual respect. Analyze the concept of spiritual awakening championed by Jonathan Edwards and its impact on marriages. Explore how Edwardsean principles like conversion and personal piety can foster renewed commitment to God within marriages, leading to stronger bonds and a more Christ-centered household.

  5. Stewarding Family Finances & The Puritan Ethic: Provide guidance on applying biblical principles to financial management, budgeting, and overcoming financial challenges within families. Integrate the Puritan emphasis on responsible stewardship and avoiding debt with practical strategies for financial planning in today's world.

  6. Navigating Blended Families and Stepfamilies: Equip students with tools and strategies for building healthy relationships and fostering unity in blended family structures.

  7. Ministering to Families in Crisis: Explore biblical frameworks and Edwardsean wisdom for ministering to families facing crises such as divorce, addiction, or grief.

  8. Technology's Impact on Families: Analyze the positive and negative effects of technology on families, equipping students with strategies for promoting healthy technology use within the family unit.

  9. Preparing Children for Kingdom Living: Explore practical methods for nurturing a child's faith and guiding them towards a life of service and impact within God's kingdom.

  10. Family Dynamics in a Changing World with Puritan Insights: Analyze how societal shifts and modern challenges impact families, drawing from the Puritan emphasis on personal responsibility, hard work, and living a moral life. Explore strategies for navigating these changes while upholding biblical values within families.

Join us as we journey deeper into the transformative power of God's Word and Edwardsean wisdom to revitalize and empower families for Kingdom impact."

“Family is everything. It’s the best.”

"가족이 전부요 최고입니다" by 옥광석

He hath shewed thee, O man, what is good;

and what doth the LORD require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God?

사람아 주께서 선한 것이 무엇임을 네게 보이셨나니 여호와께서 네게 구하시는 것은 오직 정의를 행하며 인자를 사랑하며 겸손하게 네 하나님과 함께 행하는 것이 아니냐? 미6:8

people standing on shore during golden hour
people standing on shore during golden hour

Master of Christian Family Studies

Purpose: The Master of Christian Family Studies program is designed to equip individuals with a deep understanding of Biblical principles and Edwardsean wisdom to strengthen and nurture Christian families. Through a comprehensive curriculum, students will explore various aspects of family life, including marriage enrichment, parenting studies, family dynamics, spiritual development, counseling, and societal trends, preparing them to serve as effective counselors, educators, and ministers within family-focused ministries.

Degree Program Summary:

  • Part I - Core Courses: 20 credit hours

  • Part II - Major Courses: 20 credit hours

  • Part III - Thesis: 5 credit hours

  • Total Credit Hours Required: 45

Master of Christian Family Studies Curriculum:

Part I - Core Courses:

  1. Foundations of Family Studies (3)

  2. Biblical Perspectives on Family Dynamics (3)

  3. Christian Principles of Marriage Enrichment (3)

  4. Parenting in the Christian Home (3)

  5. Spiritual Development within the Family (3)

  6. Counseling Skills for Family Ministry (3)

  7. Contemporary Social Issues Affecting Christian Families (3)

  8. Intergenerational Ministry in Family Contexts (3)

Part II - Major Courses:

  1. Advanced Marriage Enrichment (3)

  2. Advanced Parenting Studies (3)

  3. Advanced Family Counseling Techniques (3)

  4. Biblical Approaches to Conflict Resolution in Families (3)

  5. Research Methods in Family Studies (3)

Part III - Thesis:

  • Thesis Research and Writing (5)

Doctor of Christian Family Studies

Purpose: The Doctor of Christian Family Studies program is designed for individuals seeking advanced knowledge and expertise in the field of Christian family studies. Building upon foundational principles established in the master's program, the doctoral program offers specialized training in research, leadership, and advanced counseling skills to prepare graduates for leadership roles in academia, ministry, and counseling practice.

Degree Program Summary:

  • Part I - Core Courses: 15 credit hours

  • Part II - Major Courses: 25 credit hours

  • Part III - Dissertation: 15 credit hours

  • Total Credit Hours Required: 55

Doctor of Christian Family Studies Curriculum:

Part I - Core Courses:

  1. Advanced Biblical Perspectives on Family Dynamics (3)

  2. Advanced Christian Principles of Marriage Enrichment (3)

  3. Advanced Parenting Studies in Christian Contexts (3)

  4. Advanced Counseling Skills for Family Ministry (3)

  5. Advanced Research Methods in Family Studies (3)

Part II - Major Courses:

  1. Advanced Family Counseling Theory and Practice (3)

  2. Theological Foundations for Family Studies (3)

  3. Leadership in Family Ministries (3)

  4. Seminar in Family Dynamics and Systemic Therapy (3)

  5. Ethical Issues in Christian Family Counseling (3)

  6. Advanced Seminar in Intergenerational Ministry (3)

  7. Seminar in Cultural and Societal Trends Impacting Christian Families (3)

  8. Seminar in Technology and Media in Family Life (3)

Part III - Dissertation:

  • Dissertation Research and Writing (15)

This comprehensive program equips graduates with the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to effectively address the complex challenges facing Christian families in today's world and to contribute positively to the strengthening and restoration of family units within Christian communities.

Our team *under conctruction

The Christian Family Life Research Center, led by Grace Jung, is now seeking team members. From culinary experts to counselors and event facilitators, we're dedicated to enriching families through diverse talents. If you're passionate about serving and making a difference, explore opportunities with us today!

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woman wearing black scoop-neck long-sleeved shirt
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