The beginning and present of Edwards University

Edwards University and Jonathan Edwards Seminary provide holistic education, shaping young minds into godly leaders. Their programs draw from biblical teachings and Jonathan Edwards' legacy to empower students in serving the kingdom of God.

Welcome to Edwards University, where history meets purpose.

The roots of education in America trace back to 1620 when the English Pilgrims settled in Plymouth. Harvard University, born as a modest institution in 1636 to train pastors, paved the way for Yale University in 1701 and Princeton University in 1746. Yet, it is the legacy of one man that has ignited a profound revival and influence across the United States.

In 1986, during my third year at Kosin University, I encountered Jonathan Edwards's "A Faithful Narrative of the Surprising Work of God in the Conversion of Many Hundred Souls in Northampton (written in 1737)" and found myself questioning my own salvation. This pivotal moment sparked a lifelong commitment to studying his works and disseminating his teachings in Korea. With newfound conviction, my journey through doctoral studies was fortified. Edwards, in his wisdom, urged his sons to pursue knowledge relentlessly, a charge I embraced wholeheartedly.

Despite the widespread recognition of other theological luminaries through institutions like Calvin Theological Seminary and Wesleyan Theological Seminary, the absence of an institution bearing Edwards's name saddened me deeply. Fueled by this longing, I resolved to realize this dream someday.

In 2016, I joined Yale University's Edwards Research Center, dedicating myself to scholarly pursuits and advocacy. This journey led me to invaluable encounters with esteemed scholars and culminated in the International Theological Conference at Yale Divinity School in 2018, where I had the privilege to present a paper.

The realization of our vision came to fruition in 2019 with the establishment of Edwards University, envisioned to endure for a century and beyond. With a faculty embodying both piety and scholarship, we navigated the regulatory landscape, securing approval from the Virginia state government to establish a hybrid institution offering both on-campus and online education.

In 2022, further recognition arrived as the Florida Department of Education granted us the authority to confer MBA, DBA, and PhD degrees. Today, our doctoral program boasts eight dedicated scholars, a testament to our commitment to academic excellence.

As we reflect on our journey over the past five years, we are humbled by the support of our students and the providence of Jehovah God. With unwavering determination, we look ahead, fervently seeking His continued blessings as we chart the course for the next five years and beyond.

Yours in service to His Kingdom,

Peter Boohong Jung,

May 05, 2024

Our Legacy

Drawing from biblical teachings and the scholarly legacy of Jonathan Edwards (1703-58)

" As they[we] were Christians, their[our] business was to learn and gain Christian knowledge.
They[We] were scholars in the school of Christ;
and if they had improved their time in learning, ..., they might, ..., have been fit to be teachers in this school. ......

Every Christian should make a business of endeavoring to grow in knowledge in divinity.

This is indeed esteemed the business of divines and ministers: it is commonly thought to be their work, by the study of the Scriptures, and other instructive books, to gain knowledge......

All Christians are put into the school of Christ, where their business is to learn, or receive knowledge from Christ, their common master and teacher, and from those inferior teachers appointed by him to instruct in his name."

The Importance and Advantage of a Thorough Knowledge of Divine Truth (Heb.5:12, Nov. 1739),

Works of Jonathan Edwards 22:84-85, 96.

assorted books on wooden table
assorted books on wooden table