Jonathan Edwards Center Korea

affiliated with the Center at Yale Uni. since 2019.

A Brief History of Jonathan Edwards Center Korea

The Jonathan Edwards Center Korea traces its origins to the enduring relationship between Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758) and Yale University, where he studied and later served as a professor. This connection persisted through his grandson, Timothy Dwight (1752-1817), who held the presidency of Yale from 1795 to 1817. In 1957, "Freedom of the Will" marked the inaugural volume in the Works of Jonathan Edwards, a comprehensive collection spanning 26 volumes. The establishment of the Jonathan Edwards Center at Yale University in 2003 marked a pivotal moment, leading to its expansion to eleven countries worldwide by 2019.

Despite a decade-long aspiration for affiliation with esteemed Korean institutions, concrete plans failed to materialize. However, the remarkable interest in Edwards among Koreans, evidenced by substantial online traffic to the center's website, prompted a significant step forward. In August 2019, during the Yale & the International Jonathan Edwards Conference at Yale Divinity School, fruitful consultation ensued between myself and esteemed directors Drs. Ken Minkema and Adriaan Neele. This dialogue unanimously resolved to establish the center online, thus accommodating the burgeoning interest.

Today, Jonathan Edwards Center Korea stands poised for establishment at Edwards University, heralding a new chapter as a vital hub for academic research and practice.

I extend heartfelt appreciation to Drs. Minkema and Neele, whose mentorship and unwavering support have guided not only my doctoral research but also my ongoing academic endeavors. Their warm camaraderie and collegial spirit have been a constant source of encouragement.


Peter Boohong Jung

"We have made quality our habit. It’s not something that we just strive for – we live by this principle every day."


The Edwards Center Korea warmly welcomes researchers and expert committee members. Our researchers, comprising bachelor's, master's, and doctoral students, receive consultation and materials for their theses on Edwards or Puritanism. They are also invited to seminars or intensive lectures and have the advantage of scholarship opportunities. Expert committee members, holding doctoral degrees or higher, offer lecture opportunities and school recommendations to those seeking to further their research and collaboration.

본 에드워즈센터 코리아에서 연구원들과 전문위원들을 정중히 초빙합니다. 연구원들은 학사 석사 박사 학생들로서 논문을 에드워즈나 청교도 관련하여 쓸 경우에 상담과 자료를 제공하며 세미나 혹은 집중강의에 초대받으며 장학금을 얻는 혜택이 있습니다. 그리고 전문위원은 박사학위 이상 소지자로서 계속적인 연구와 동역을 원하는 분들에게는 강의 기회 및 학교 추천을 해 드립니다.

"Centuries later, Jonathan Edwards still igniting ‘hot spots’ around the world"

Yoonseok Lee
President of Seoul Institute for Evangelical Worldview.
Byoung Gi Noh
PhD, ThM, Yonsei University

Research Alliance: Experts & Researchers

Peter Boohong Jung

The acting Chancellor, The Director, Jonathan Edwards Center Korea

Kyung Kyu Shin
Professor, Koshin University

YoungRae Kim

PhD, Trinity International University;

Jeong Lee
PhD, in Theological and Historical Studies

MDiv, Torch Trinity Graduate University

Dong-Soo Han
Visiting Scholar
2023---, Professor at Chongshin Theological Seminary

Yoontack Han

PhD, cand., OT, University of Toronto. ThM, OT, Princeton Theological Seminary. MDiv, & BT, Hansei University.

Seunghwan David Roh

PhD, cand., in ST & CH. ThM, in ST, Calvin Theological Seminary. MDiv, CHongshin Theological Seminary. BA, Christian Philosophy, Hansei University.

Jisang Choi

PhD, cand., Concordia Theological Seminary. ThM, Boston College. ThM, MDiv, BA, Presbyterian University & Theological Seminary. Lecturer, Clavin Theological Seminary.

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